Pepe (ぺぺ)        <<< oh thats cute <3 XD


Pepe is a baby-like Guardian Character that belongs to Yaya. 
. She was born from Yaya's desire to remain child-like, if not baby-like. She always has a pacifier in her mouth, wears a full body baby outfit, and wears her hair in pigtails. When either she or Yaya get hurt or something goes wrong, both of them will begin to whine and cry in unison. Pepe could be described as a crybaby; however, upon further inspection may be described as somewhat sarcastic. Appears to enjoy being at the centre of attention, and playing childish games, such as piggy-back rides.

When she and Yaya perform Character Change, Yaya receives a baby bib and a giant rattle that she uses to squash or hit opponents with. Yaya says "pretty, cutey, love baby" during Character Change. Through the power of the Humpty Lock she is able to Character Transform with Yaya resulting "Dear Baby".